anna sheridan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi my friend. Today I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I'm so grateful for you my best friend and roommate. I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I met you in line at Fright Night. Thank goodness for Tri-Delt :) 

I love laughing with you, making funny voices, eating too much, watching movies, crying, talking, spazzing out, screaming taylor swift songs at the top of our lungs, shopping together, vacations (so many), taking pictures, sharing clothes, reading blogs together, braiding your hair and watching you make the same lunch every day haha. There are so many more but most of all I love that you are a leader. I love watching you lead your 50 freshmen in FLO and being such a good example. I love that we share the same ideals. I love that you never give up. I love that you're positive. I love that you always make me laugh. I love that we are complete freaks together. I love that you are my best friend. I love that you always want us to say goodnight before going to sleep. I love sending you pictures on our phones. I love our inside jokes. I love that you share a love for our Jesus. I love talking about deep things.

You are so beautiful Ans. You are so dear to me. So so grateful for you and the friendship we share. 

We'll be friends forever. 

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