old people.

Friday, December 10, 2010

one of my favorite places to go in waco is the starbucks in woodway. the reason i love it is because i'm surrounded by older people. i have found a few places in waco where i like to escape the "baylor people," as grandma dorothy would say. i really like old people. i like them because they, for the most part, are very wise. on monday, an older man sat next to me and got out his bible and journal. right then i wished that he was my grandpa. he was sooo cute with his little fedora and bible. it made me realize that i want so much to have someone in waco that is older and wiser than me. just to live life with and have someone here to put things back into real life perspective (because we all know the baylor bubble isn't real life). i'm at starbucks right now and these women next to me are praying.
three things: 1- i really love waco. 2- i really love the bible belt. 3- i freaking love seeing people praying. 

just thoughts.

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