Happy Birthday to you!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday dear Laur Baur,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Today you are 21!
Wanna read 21 reasons why I love you? I know you do...
  1. You are my best friend.
  2. You are so loyal.
  3. You are beautiful.
  4. You are hilarious.
  5. You love teen novels like me.
  6. We named every Disney movie today with "animal companions."
  7. You have beautiful brown eyes that do not look like poop even though you say that all the time.
  8. You cry with me.
  9. You are such a good listener.
  10. We have known each other for so long. A decade to be precise. 
  11. Everyone thought we wouldn't stay friends in college. How wrong were they?!
  12. We have the same personality type. ESFJ's UNITE!!
  13. We wear the same size clothes. Great for sharing. And being twins.
  14. On the twins note, we like the same food. All food. 
  15. We have the same love language :) Quality times are the best times.
  16. You are so giving. 
  17. You can sleep forever. Weird that I'm bringing this up? No. I love it.
  18. You are so supportive.
  19. You are so godly. I find myself naturally gravitating to your encouragement.
  20. You have the same major as me!! We are the same person geez. {Insert high five/hug here}
  21. The last and final thing: Heather described our friendship this morning as unconditional love. I don't know if I've ever seen it the way she was describing us. How we can fight and get annoyed and laugh and cry together but still love each other so deeply. Monday night is the best example, we can literally scream at each other with tears covering our cheeks and still end up embracing. It's funny how I picture our friendship in my head. I know we will always be friends. I know it. If you don't know why, see this post. 
Obviously 21 reasons I love you will never describe the friendship I have with you. You mean so much to me Lauren Marie Christensen. More than I could ever explain through email, texts, phone calls, notes, photobooth videos, wall posts or just words in general. My heart instantly feels fuller around you. 

I love you so much my dearest friend. This special day is YOURS. You rock.

Someday we'll have precious children like this. But for now, let's pretend these happy preshies are us, celebrating YOU :)

21. 21. 21. 21. 21. 21. 21.

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