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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today was my last day as a Teaching Associate at Mountainview Elementary!!!!! Really bittersweet. I have been awaiting this day pretty much all year but now that it has arrived, I'm so sad!

Reasons I don't want to go:

1. I love the girls that I taught with. Our 3rd grade little team has been such a blessing to my year. Erin, Jessica and Kelsey have blessed me beyond what they could ever know. Seeing each of their face at 7:15 every morning, doing life together, sharing stories and laughs, and just being a team. I loved it. I am going to miss them so much next year as I'm interning at a different school.

I will share one story I love to tell: A month or so ago, I was having a really rough week. I felt like I was drowning, being forced down beneath the raging waters with the reality of situations and even lies that I was believing. I was feeling useless, not good enough, selfish, stupid, emotional and just downright depressed. I remember coming to the point in my prayers where I cried out saying, "Lord I just really need encouragement today. I need joy and happiness that comes from you. I need encouragement because I feel so utterly discouraged." So I go to school like every other day and had a mediocre lesson. My little team could tell I was upset and as I was leaving Mountainview to go back to Baylor, Erin handed me a card. When I got into my car, I read it and started bawling! Erin was so unbelievably encouraging and my heart felt so full!! It could not have come at a better time, thank you Jesus!!! Erin even said that she had the card for a while :) PTL that He has perfect timing. PTL that He blessed me so much with 3 amazing girls to work with and love!!!!!

2. I love my students. I loved seeing their sweet, shining and sometimes obnoxious little selves every morning! My favorite was Jami. Yes I know I shouldn't have favorites but I just can't help it. She was HYSTERICAL. She wore a parka when it was 80 degrees! AND she was such a Belieber. She wore a Justin Bieber shirt every day. Don't worry that they were "hand-crafted." She also looked like the little chunker from Up, except a girl hehe :)

this little gem is Jami. #1 fan!!

Another story: today one of my students said to me that she "had to tell me something right away."
Me-"Yes, Angelina?"
A- "I have to say that I've always thought of you as an older sister."
AW. I just about teared up, what a sweetheart. See, those moments are the moments in teaching that I live for. The moments I know I was called to do this. Because that's what teaching is all about for me, that's why I'm going to do this energy consuming, majorly underpaid job. I really believe that this is my calling. I can't wait to be the teacher that really affects her students. I can't wait for the parents of my students to think, "Hey there is something different about her. She has something I want." GOD!! JESUS!! THE HOLY SPIRIT!! Ah! I can't wait!!!! I just want to love my students. Bah I can't believe He loves me so much.

So basically to sum up this post, I just can't wait to teach my own students. I have said this before and I'm sayin it again! Not many people get to have true joy when doing their job, and I'm so thankful that I am called to something that compliments my gifts and my interests! I love kids and I cannot wait to teach 20 some odd little ones :)

Before our last day of class! We played Math Kickball :)

Hugs for me!

My favorite girlies!

P.S- I love being called Miss Caldwell.

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