{Weekend tafting}

Sunday, July 24, 2011

tafting with adrie and april 

This weekend I finally got some much needed Vitamin D. I literally haven't seen the sunlight pretty much all summer! Some friends and I went to Lake Travis on Saturday. The lake is the lowest I have ever seen, so many islands! After being crispified, we went to Ape's and had pizza while watching the OC. I LOVE THE OC. Judge me if you want, Seth Cohen will always have my heart. 

I just love Adrie and April. April and I always just get each other. I love her so deep. I'm just really grateful that I have been able to have a friendship with her friends from school because that is so rare. Adrie is seriously the bomb and I have grown to really love her. Totally awesome fun times to be had with those two. Can NOT wait to go to Chicago again in the fall to visit them!!! :)

Also, today Micah informed me that he pooped in the dug out at one of his baseball Gross. That kid keeps me young.

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