{I love my job}

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My job is the coolest college job ever. I do so many things when I'm working....

  1. Book flights to Chicago to visit my best friend.
  2. Shop online
  3. Find new music
  4. Watch funny videos
  5. Email & gchat
  6. Design tshirts
  7. Book flights to visit the boyfriend
  8. Look at pretty pictures and dream
  9. Watch TV and movies
  10. Sit in a hammock
  11. Lay in bed
  12. Sit on couch
  13. Drink chai and eat yummies
  14. Listen to sermons
  15. Text/call anyone who isn't working
  16. I could tan, but it's too dang hot
  17. Paint my nails
  18. Talk to anyone that surrounds me
  19. Work whatever hours I want
  20. Write this blog post
I love my job. It is super monotonous but if you are skilled with multi-tasking like moi then you can do any of the above activities!! Thank you Jesus for my job :) 

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