Today I ate oatmeal

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm usually not a fan of oatmeal but it seemed a bit healthier than cinnamon rolls, which is what the brothers were having, so I opted for the healthier choice. I'm trying to eat better. Trying is italicized because it's not faring very well for me (I LIKE MY CHAI AND COKE EVERY DAY MOM). Mom and Dad think I am drinking too much sugar. Let's face it, probably am. But I like it (insert pouty face here). I'll give up soda when school starts again because it's easier to "just say no" (I realize I sound like a crack addict) when there aren't soda's in the fridge and the pantry just calling my name....Kambly drink me....Kambly open get the picture. You can keep me accountable if you want. If I bite your head off, just give me a cup of sugar because I'll probably be having withdrawals. 

On another note: little brother Micah, 14 years of age, has a real habit of saying things that most people don't say out loud. I like to picture that with a hashtag for all you tweeter peeps: #thingsyoushouldn'tsayoutloud. Looks better. Today he said this: "I just took the biggest poop of my life. 10 inches. Had to flush the toilet twice." Disgusting. 
Reason #234 why sharing a bathroom with boys stinks, quite literally.

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