Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have been lovin OMG lately. I used to be a hater for phrases like that or lol and even shortening you to u. Lemme tell you I am a huge advocate for them now. Well, not lol, never lol. I say OMG all the time now. It seems that oh my gosh or oh my goodness are just too long in daily conversations. So I say OMG. 

Mom- "Today the Dr. said that Micah will have to get surgery on his nose tomorrow so now our trip is postponed a day."
Me- "OMG are you serious?" (Of course she's serious, why did I say that?) 

Micah broke his nose last Tuesday at church camp on the slip 'n slide. The slip 'n slide
His life is so interesting, it really is. 

OMG reminds me of myspace in high school. Myspace was so cool in high school right?! 7 years ago, prime-time for myspace. Xanga was cool WAY before that, it quickly fizzled out. Ben thinks that xanga was cool when he was in high school (he had one). Maybe in Kansas it was cool. These are the things we argue about. 

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