The British Babies

Friday, December 2, 2011

Listen to her cute little voice. I love it! Favorite line: "it was really fun!" Also check out Savannah's sassy pose at the end. Diva in the making?

Today was my last day at school. Yippee! Tomorrow I'll be in Ireland with little Lisa. I planned our whole trip (she was really proud of me). Rick Steves helped a lot...

I went to the British Museum today (out of my own will, victory!) and IT WAS AWESOME.
Me- "Ancient Egypt was my obsession when I was home-schooled. THIS ROCKS!!!"
Hannah-"I know I love mummies. Wait. Did you just say home-schooled!?"
Yes, I was home-schooled. I turned out okay I think...thanks mom. But really, the Egyptian exhibit rocked my socks off.

Pray it doesn't rain the whole time I'm in Ireland and Scotland! Ps- there have been gales in Scotland recently. HA 95mph winds. Awesome. Maybe I'll bring an umbrella and try to be like Mary Poppins :)

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