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Monday, November 28, 2011

What a crazy weekend! Saturday we went to the Tower of London and got to see the Crown Jewels....INSANE. So many diamonds....too many diamonds! Sunday we were supposed to go to Bath and Stonehenge but public transportation failed us. We left the lodge at 6:30am and found out all trains were cancelled so we had to catch a bus. Then we get to Wimbledon and the trains there were cancelled too. So we get on another bus and get to Putney Bridge and then finally we catch the District Line but we go to the wrong place. So we go back and then get on the wrong train again. BASICALLY we get to the Victoria station 15 minutes past the time we were supposed to be there and missed the bus to leave.

The weird thing was that I had so much peace the entire time. I knew that it was going to work because there was no other explanation besides the fact that Jesus was gonna work it out. It was quite a stressful situation but I wasn't stressed at all. In fact we did a music video on the train hehe. AND guess what, the tour people let us reschedule the day so that we can still go!!! Thanks Jesus :)

Last night we painted nails and watched Love Actually. We watched Love Actually IN ENGLAND!! I think it's awesome. This whole month has been like a sleepover, I love it! Did I already mention that Lisa and I share a bed? I will hold the record for sleeping in the same bed as her except for Joe MUAHAHA. Weird and awesome.  Here is a picture of how I did Hannah's hair the other night, isn't it hot?!?!?

I'm listening to Fleet Foxes right now which explains the title of the post. I love them. Especially in England. The weather is SO Fleet Foxes weather...cold, windy and cloudy. YUM! I will say that they aren't the same without Benjamin. I love music, it's the best! Soon I'll move to Christmas music hehe.

Today we are going to the British Museum and Harrods yippee! Ps- Harrods is like a department store on steroids. So so massive. Also- right now I'm doing some major people watching...I have a problem.  Another thing- I miss my little hispanic class. Oh how I love them! The kids here are really cute but I like MY babies.

I'm going to get an iced chai despite the fact that it's 45 degrees. Mom and Dad would be proud of me that I've only had Starbucks 3 times since being here :)

Big Ben

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