London calling

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello from London!!!!

It's already the third day. Holy moly. Currently in the busiest Starbucks EVER. No joke. Constant line (or queue in England). Rachel is munching on Galaxy chocolate....I'm getting a stockpile of this for every month muahaha. Lauren has fallen asleep AGAIN. We're keeping a's up to 4 right now. Hello we are Americans tourists! Lisa is reading Rick Steve's....she is OBSESSED of course. My little planner roomie! Mary Katherine and Hannah are obsessed with Viber. Hannah calls me tongue-girl because I can touch my tongue to my nose....hopefully it changes to Lizard-girl because tongue-girl just sounds bizarre. Rachel-"I think we're just going to pub it up tonight." Thanks for the update Rachel.

Room deets: Lisa and I share a room....and a bed. So we snuggle. Literally. Weird? Don't care because I'M IN ENGLAND!!! What what!? Also our shower/tub is SO LONG.

Funny and awkward:

  1. Getting lost on the bus for 2 hours and getting hit on. Good thing Lis can flash her ring and ward creepers away....thanks Joe ;) 
  2. Having to use a converter in Starbucks and them not knowing what an Iced Chai HELLO.
  3. Men here are not Gentlemen. I like US men...or really Texas men....or really just Ben. Hi Ben!
  4. Lisa and me literally crying the night we got here. Thank goodness for each other :)
  5. Us-"Hi do you know where Harrods is?" Random man- "Yea it's that massive building right in front of you with lights all over it." Oops.
  6. Now Mary Katherine is asleep. 2 down, 4 to go.
  7. Lisa has made a schedule for us. I love organized people. 
Wahoo yay England! More updates to come. Love you all!!

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  1. YOU WERE MADE FOR LONDON!!!!! I love you!


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