First Day of School

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today was the first day of school for me! I don't think we are going to be teaching very much....I think it'll be more observing and recess duty than anything. Not complaining. I'm tired! Feeling really sick today :( Booooo congestion and aches!! I'll get better, I got my Mucinex and my cough drops and my water. I'm gonna flush it out....IN THE NAME OF JESUS LEAVE NOW SICKNESS YOU HAVE NO PLACE HERE!!!!

You would not believe how different they do school here. It's like half the day they are playing!! I was so surprised. Also, for PE they just strip down in front of everyone and change. In the classroom. Boys AND girls!!! Shocking really. The kids' names are so cute...Owen, Lewis, Alfie, Isabella, Madelena...I just wanted to squeeze their little British cheeks! My teacher is SO nice and cute. I love her already. There are 4 teachers in my class including me so I really did absolutely nothing. It was a nice change ;) My class is Year 3 which is 2nd grade in the US. Babies!! I'm used to my 4th graders and I miss them SO!!! I really love how I was able to be at my school in Waco on the first day of school. It feels weird coming here in the middle of November. I'll be ready to go back to my class in January :)

Yesterday we walked 9 miles at least. I felt like an old lady because I was so tired! My back was killer. I can't be THAT out of shape. Lisa continues to make us go to museums. It's probably a good thing because I wouldn't go in them if I had my own choice ;) Thanks Lis for keeping me cultured.

Today I think we are going to Les Miserables!!! So. Excited.

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