Oh Relentless Love

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

His grace chases after me. HOW restoring. How freeing. Hallelujah! You HAVE to download Relentless Love from the World Mandate 2011 album.

O relentless Love
Grace that chases me
O relentless Love
Morning faithfully brings mercy to me
Your sweet mercy

I am found in Your love
Never once been forsaken
You will come my Rescuer
And wash every fear away

All-atoning sacrifice
Your pursuit never-ending
You have paid the highest price
So you can have my all

I am Yours You are mine
You fought for me
Jesus with all my heart
I cry worthy
I cry worthy I cry worthy
I cry worthy I cry worthy

Yesterday I had the coolest experience. I decided to start praying for one student specifically in my class every day. It. Was. AWESOME. Then the whole day I had time to just shower the room with prayers for my students while they were testing. I don't know why I have never done this before. I get so caught up in the next person to help or teach that I forget the most important thing!! I felt the Lord's presence in my classroom yesterday. I'll feel it today too, I know it :) I challenge you to pray over wherever you are today. Whether it's in your college class, the kitchen, office or restaurant. It is SO empowering and SO amazing. He is faithful. I had so many more sweet moments yesterday than usual. 

Dear Jesus, 
Thank you for this awesome opportunity to teach and love your children. You are the ultimate and faithful lover. Oh my soul rejoices! You're my best friend.

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