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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I WAS HEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story: last semester I went to the doctor and they did blood-work and found out that I had way to much Thyroid. It's called Hyperthyroidism and can lead to Graves Disease blah blah blah. I was at .05 and was supposed to be at 3 something or other (too much Thyroid was causing my TSH level to be extremely low). Anyways, they said that it could lead to long term effects and that it could be a tumor so I needed to take a Radioactive Iodine scan, a what you ask? I don't know either. It basically just checks to see if there is a tumor etc on the Thyroid that could be causing me to produce too much Thyroid. The test was $500. I asked if I had to do it then because 1. I couldn't afford it. 2. believed God could heal me. I decided to not go through with the test and just delay. That Sunday at church my roomie Lisa prayed for me and I really believed that I was healed. I didn't think about it anymore!

This past week I have been feeling super nauseous and faint. My heartbeat was beating really quickly and it was causing me to sweat a lot at night. I went to the doctor and (without any tests) he told me it was DEFINITELY my Thyroid problems and the symptoms I was having were because of my Hyperthyroidism. I got a little freaked out. I was scared about how I was going to pay for everything etc. I didn't want to believe that, I was healed I thought!! So they did blood-work again and I wasn't expecting results till Monday.

The doctor called me Friday. "We don't know how to explain this but...your Thyroid levels are completely normal. Your blood-work came out negative for Hyperthyroidism. You are completely fine now so we are going to cancel all tests!"

YESSSS!!!!!! I WAS HEALED I AM HEALED I AM FREE FROM DISEASE AND FINANCIAL BURDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried. Bawled actually. What an answer to my families prayers, ben's prayers, and roomie prayers. Jesus is so faithful. HE is SO GOOD. He paid the price for my healing on the cross. I believe in His promises.

Thank you Jesus. You are so worthy of PRAISE and HONOR.

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  1. Praises, Kambly. Have you heard the health news lately saying to ask all doctors, dentists, etc. to cover the thyroid area when they take x-rays etc. as this can cause problems with the thyroid. I'm one example as one of my thyroids developed cancer around 1983. I had radiation on my face as a teenager and my neck wasn't protected. I take 75 mg. thyroid. Blessing, Grandma


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