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Friday, July 6, 2012

I wish I could explain how completely and utterly blessed Ben and I were from our wedding shenanigans.

God provided in SO MANY amazing ways. I can't even believe all the things that He did for us through you people. I am going to try and scratch the surface on the gratitude that Ben and I feel for everyone that surrounded us on the days leading up to our wonderful day:

  1. We didn't have to pay for the place we got married. Hutto Bible Church was such a huge answer to prayers. When Bobby and Amy Pruitt talked to my parents about them wanting us to get married at the church, I was so surprised. I have always wanted Bobby to marry me and my future spouse. Ever since I was in youth group and talking about purity and becoming more Christlike. I knew that my future husband was going to be special. I knew that my wedding was going to be precious. And I knew that I wanted Bobby to marry me. So after years of not really thinking about that, it was kinda funny how it worked out! THANK YOU BOBBY AND AMY.
  2. My old Young Life leader and good friend called me one day when I was at school and told me she wanted to make all my invitations and send them to everyone as her and her husband's gift to us. I cried. Duh I cried. Partially because I knew Ashley would make them so perfectly (and they were MORE than that) but also because she always knows how to love me so well. Such a blessing. THANK YOU ASHLEY AND MICAH.
  3. Amy Pruitt told me and my mom that she wanted to cook all the food that I wanted. All of it. WHAT?! If you have never met the Pruitt family, you need to. Such a group of selfless servants. Amy is the most kind-hearted and loving woman. She gathered a group of friends and cooked all my little desserts and arranged them so perfectly. Better than I could have ever imagined. THANK YOU AMY AND FRIENDS.
  4. One of my mom's good friends called and said she wanted to make my wedding cake. UM OKAY!!! She and her friend made it just the most perfect way. So simple and wonderful. It tasted lovely smeared all over my face (thanks Ben hehe). And she went OUT of her way to get real flowers to put on it!!! So over and above what I was thinking. THANK YOU JAMI AND JENNIFER.
  5. Ben's Aunt Christy worked with someone that owed her a favor so she used that to get us our photobooth!! I had been secretly wanting one for a long time but knew we could never afford it so I didn't say anything but JESUS KNEW!!! He gave us a way to see all our funny friends ah we loved it! THANK YOU AUNT CHRISTY.
  6. Mrs. Parker organized a meal for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to have on the day of the wedding and brought it to the church so that we would be fed!!! I should have eaten more of that. It was so good. THANK YOU MRS. PARKER. 
  7. Donna Benge and Kristy Rhine helped SO much setting up the church before the wedding. Kristy got all the piping drape for the alter and her and her family help set up lights on the porch in the blistering heat. God bless y'all. Donna basically made my alter perfectly the way I was imagining and they helped me so much with getting the church the way I was wanting it. THANK YOU DONNA AND KRISTY.
  8. Shelly Corbin, Rhonda Steczkowski, and Kim Williamson helped me coordinate the wedding. They helped me think of all the little details that I had NO IDEA about. Shelly let me borrow countless things for the wedding so I didn't have to buy them too!! THANK YOU SHELLY, RHONDA AND KIM.
  9. Carolyn, David, and Rachel Jeske offered to film the whole wedding weekend and edit it for Ben and me!! It was so personal and so special to have people that I have known for SO long to be there for all the things going on at rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself. I can't wait to see it!!!!! THANK YOU JESKE'S.
  10. My AMAZING BRIDESMAIDS. Holy moly. There is too much to say! These women were like superheroes. In the weeks leading up to the wedding we dominated all the crafts and things that I had to make for the wedding (which was like, everything).We had many a delirious nights laughing hysterically while washing mason jars or painting or creating banners or those messy hanging orbs. Lady got together ALL the table cloths and serving plates from various women at church. April and Lady planned the BEST bachelorette party ever. Lauren and Anna helped keep people from stressing me out on the wedding. April was the best maid of honor ever. Ever. I knew she would be. I wish I could write down what everyone did. All the little things. All the alleviated stress they took from me. My 4 besties. Without them, I would have been a mess. They organized so many things for me to be so completely blessed. And the best best best part was when they all prayed for me before I walked down the aisle. I was crying crying crying because I just felt so FLOODED with love. Jesus seriously used them SO much through the entire process. My bosom friends. I could write an entire post about these women. I love you all. THANK YOU BESTIES.
  11. To all the people I didn't name- the way you served without expectation, blessed me and Ben to tears. Our wedding was so personal to us. So tender and rich. I wish I could hug you all a million times. You mean so much. What a beautiful picture of how our marriage will be if all these people rallied together to make our wedding happen!! I am so glad I didn't know what all a wedding involved before I got engaged. Jesus used all of you to enable us to have a wonderfully blessed marriage. We feel SO blessed already. 
  12. To our wonderful parents- thank you. Thank you for loving us so well. Lindsey and Kirk, thank you for raising me in such a way that can be emulated in our own future family. What wonderful examples. Thank you for being such HUGE spiritual supporters for us. Thank you for being so generous with your time, love, money and advice. I can't even describe how much I love you two, and my three brothers :). THANK YOU MOM AND DAD.
OH MY GOODNESS. This post was so humbling. I am so thankful. Tears of joy. JOY JOY JOY JOY DOWN IN MY HEART YEAH!!! I could go on and on and on. Thank you LORD! We will praise Your name forever. Forever we will remember the works you have done. Forever we will bless your HOLY and GOOD name. 

I love all you wonderful people!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come from the banks of the Brazos,
Kambly Belz

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  1. Ohhh so special to receive this Kambly and Ben. Thank you for your thank yous. How sweet. Brought tears to my eyes. So thankful to our Lord for all the blessings bestowed during this timing of June 16. I was especially blessed to have nearly all of the Caldwell family of 24, I think. Except for Clint and Paul. Much love, and always prayers for you both. Grandma C.


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