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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My 3rd graders are so sweet. Sometimes it's really easy for me to forget that. I spend so much time with 8 and 9 year olds that they really start to look big to me. I view them as mature individuals who should be able to sit still for an hour at a time! Alas, this is impossible for most ;) 

But what I really want to talk about today is how sweet my babies are. One of my students in my class is from West and their house was destroyed in the accident. Since he was at school the next day, I knew he would want to talk about what happened. Praise the Lord he and his family were at their church and were protected from the roof collapsing on them! Friday morning, instead of starting Reading right away, I decided to call one of our Family Meetings. I told the kids what happened in West and that a lot of families were affected by this. They were all so attentive and quiet as they listened to the events that led up to the explosion. As I told them information, I could see in their eyes this precious thing. I could see them have compassion, sympathy, empathy, love and the desire to help. How could I tell this? I am pretty perceptive and I spend almost 8 hours a day with each of them ;) I asked my student from West if he would like to share his story and he stood up in front of his friends. He talked and teared up about his house and the possibility of losing his pets. 

I wish I had a picture of my little 3rd graders. They were SO patient and respectful and just SUPPORTIVE to their friend. They peppered him with so many questions: How did you survive? Are your pets ok? Do you have money? Do you have clothes? Can we bring you toys? Are your cars ok? And on and on and on. My favorite question though was this: "Why were you at church?" and his answer was, "To worship God." I was so proud!! What a man he will be. He is going to be a bold sharer of the gospel, I know it! 

Basically, we all decided that we wanted to come up with some money for a giftcard for his family. The days after the explosion were filled with SO MANY people giving to this family. I love community! I was so especially proud of my big hearted little students. 

I love my job. I love my students....even though today they made me want to pull my HAIR out! Today I wrote them all encouraging notes and so many of them wrote me the sweetest notes back. It always makes me feel better after a day I've felt like I've constantly had to be on them about stuff. I feel so mean and harsh on those days. When they say I'm "the nicest" teacher...I think they're wrong, but at least it makes my heart full :) 

Grateful that Jesus encourages me through all people. Especially the ones we never expect, like 8 and 9 year olds. I love their little eyes, crazy hair in the mornings, and smelly bodies after recess. I especially love their tears of empathy and hugs of love. They make me so happy. I wish everyone could spend a week in a classroom and see what goes on. Children are so powerful. I love their minds and hearts. I love LOVE being around them. 

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  1. Kambly! I am so proud of you and just love that you shared this story of your "kids". I love his answer too! "To worship God" That's amazing! They are blessed to spend so much of their time with you. Love you!

    Aunt Coral :)


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