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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So this year was pretty much a homer as far as roommates go. Literally hit it out of the park. Just kidding. But seriously. Memories: Midnight blading, monkey bread, dance parties, sitting in the middle of the living room in the dark around a candle, roomie dinners (only lasted a week), anna always saying goodnight and no one replies, kathryn ALWAYS sick, jessica taking a million showers, porch time...all the time, having the best neighbors everrrr, community night, JILLIAN, lifting with candles, shower drain always getting clogged, anna's naked dancing....questionable, 4 on 1 wrestling drew and still getting dominated, sock wars with bo, movie nights downstairs, sonic runs, studying....not, mariokart, random decorating, eating alllll the time, telling each other everything, cleaning only when our parents come in, going to church together, lauren and her lifetime movies, mandi's goodbye notes, losing our trash can, kathryn's note to herself to turn off the stove, "confrontational" notes at the beginning of the year, 8am roomie bike-rides, rappelling out of window with sheets, sharing clothes, quote board, herbert and carlos RIP, construction fireplace, power puff girls, don, talking in accents, trips to houston, nude4eva, playing in the rain, pita chips and artichoke dip, deeeeep convos, pranks, stalking in general, SING.
sing moves of course
Welp, pretty much love my roommates a ridiculous amount. Kathryn- mommy of the house, so full of joy and always happy no matter what, I love you. Jessica- always asking how my day goes and laughing at me even when I'm stupid, I love you. Mandi- bike-rides with you are the best. You are the best listener I know and you are SO real, I love you. Lauren- my best friend since 6th grade, we've been through so friggin much. So glad that we became better friends than we ever were, I love you. Anna- can't believe I met you in line at fright night and you are practically my twin. Laughing with you is the best, I love you. All 5 of you are one of the biggest blessings ever and I'll never forget my amazing Sophomore year full of fun. I don't know what I would have done without each and every one of you. Thanks for putting up with my bizarre behavior 24/7 and random outbursts of hyperness.
Love you POD.

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