Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tonight Lauren and I went out to a random spot and looked at the stars while listening to worship music. It was bliss. I am in love with these lyrics from Captivate Us by Watermark:

Your face is beautiful
And Your eyes are like the stars
Your gentle hands have healing
There inside the scars
Your loving arms they draw me near
And Your smile it brings me peace
Draw me closer oh my Lord
Draw me closer Lord to Thee
Captivate us, Lord Jesus
Set our eyes on You
Devastate us with Your presence
Falling down
And rushing river, draw us nearer
Holy fountain consume us with You
Captivate us Lord Jesus, with You
Your voice is powerful
And Your words are radiant bright
In Your breath and shadow
I will come close and abide
You whisper love and life divine
And Your fellowship is free
Draw me closer O my Lord
Draw me closer Lord to Thee

Let everything be lost in the shadows
Of the light of Your face
Let every chain be broken from me
As I’m bound in Your grace
For Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light
You’re full of wisdom, power and might
And every eye will see You

In the first verse it talks about how His eyes are like the stars and it made me want SO bad to be with Him in that moment. It seems so tedious being on the Earth just waiting to be with Him for eternity. Life is so beautiful here I can't even imagine how crazy awesome it's going to be in Heaven. Friggin gorgeous. BAH. Can't wait. Also, I decided I'm finally going to finish the book Captivating because it was given to me last year but I never actually read it. Hooray. Welp not much in this post but oh well it's my jumbled up thoughts thrown onto the paper....or screen I should say. Peace out.

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