four square.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alright, last night we played 4 square in the parking lot of our house and I had a few thoughts:
  1. Was I ever REALLY good? I mean really, I thought I was good. Maybe it was cuz I went to a private school.
  2. How is Bo so good. He is always king.
  3. I can't remember what cherry bombing is. I always say no cherry bombing though.
  4. Why do I always lose.
  5. I think it's sad I can't think of US city names quickly off the top of my head. There are 19,354. Yep, just looked it up.
  6. How come the serve has to bounce in the King's square before another's.
  7. Why do I always lose.
  8. Do you have to be athletic to be good at this game.
  9. I really like the acronym CLOAS. CLOAS for life.
  10. I'm really bad at 4 square....yet I keep playing...
  11. Boys always gang up on the girls. I don't know why though, we are the worst anyways.
  12. Holy crap a ginormous ant just ran across my computer.
  13. I really like luaus. And 4 square. And moo moos. And food.
Lauren's party was definitely a success. Even though I kept losing at 4 square.

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