Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's been a while.  i've miss you, blog.
chicago is lovely. if it wasn't for the sub-arctic temperatures, i'd live there in a heartbeat. this weekend was so necessary. it was such a treasure because i got to see my best friend's life and understand her more. the gap between our college lives in austin and our college lives at school has been closed, i love that. seeing the sites and being touristy with april was just (for lack of a better word). sushi, laughing, spending money, walking and walking, late night pizza, people watching, salvation army, riding trains, tea, shopping, and talking. breathing. just breathing in the city. as i looked up at all the high buildings that made me feel so small, i couldn't help but contemplate the vastness of God. kinda freaks me out. i miss the air in chicago. the brisk wind that made me catch my breath and the impossible attempt to hold on to it like a fleeting thought. the miles of ground so hard and stable. stability. it was good to just be this weekend with "no regrets," as my dad would say.
as i grope for words to illuminate my excursion, i find that i can only settle on the deep friendship that i so appreciate. my bosom friend april. constant and true. what a treasure. i hope i can bless someone as much as she has with her shear ability to be afriend. the very essence of the definition. friend- a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter. love her.
well enough of that. on to pictures.
pumpkin spice cupcake. yum.
big red chair.
argo tea.
nervous about my first cab.
freezing at lake michigan.
jump cuz i'm happy!
we'll meet again soon, chicago. sometime in the spring.

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