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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Most people know that I have a love for Coke. More like an obsession, really. I love literally everything about it. I mean everything. From the red background and white cursive letters, to the "joy" commercials, right down to the delectable taste. Coke, to me, isn't just a caffeine fix, it's a LIFESTYLE. Seriously. I could be having a miserable day and if someone brought me a fountain Coke I would immediately feel better. And if you're thinking, "wow, she has replaced Jesus with Coke," please read previous posts and you will see this is obviously not true. No other soda can compare to the sweet sugar rush you get when coca cola is drank. I will argue this point to no end. My absolute favorite Coca Cola commercial is the one where the dude with the terrible voice goes around his party and passes out cokes to all his "friends" singing "joyyyyy enough to go roundddd!" Ah, I love it. So real. So joyful.
Well now you know my obsession. I recently gave up soda for lent and my friends can attest to how hard it was for me not to have my beloved. It was a good break but I'm back on the drank and I have no regrets. If you ever want to go to happy hour at sonic, it's my favorite pastime so hit me up! Shout out to Bo and our love for our sodas. Peace and Blessins.

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