Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm awake at 4am. This is quite a regular occurrence for me. I'm annoyed. And in that stage of tiredness where your stomach feels a little sick. Ya know it? Ps. shout out to Anna who is driving back from Destin right now...bleck what a terrible thing to stay up all night. Well I am going to be "productive" here on my little blog so I'll just go ahead and say what I'm EXCITED for about going back to Baylor. In no specific order of course.
  1. Sleeping in Nicole's bed all semester.
  2. Seeing Anna.
  3. Having really cool neighbors.
  5. Not having to work as much. I'm clocked in right now. Hehe.
  6. Having a car!!!
  7. Sunshine and rollerblading
  8. Sonic happy hour. We have that here too but it's just not the same.
  9. New things await!
  10. Sisterhood retreat. Haha adda girl lauren!
  11. MUMFORD & SONS CONCERT!!!! Well it's in Dallas. Still in the greater bubble of Baylor?
  12. I'm turning 21 in a month. Weird I'm the oldest?
  13. Beartrail. Love that thing.
  14. I really need to paint my nails right now. Also I think I'm hungry. Who gets hungry this early?
  15. 25 miles till Anna gets to Houston! Maybe she can sleep at Tiana's?
  16. Oh back to the list, I'm excited to utilize my new phone on campus! Twitpic this! Twitpic that!
  17. I got new curtains. I like them. I spent WAAAAY too much money this summer.
  18. I GO TO CHICAGO SOON! Eeeeeeee can't wait to see the bean. And April.
  19. I want to go to the lake soon. Bo?
  20. I'm sick of making this list so I'm gonna go now.

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