Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I feel really technologically savvy..I learned how to make ringtones on my iTunes and put them on my phone. I have to admit that I've spent a ridiculous amount of time doing this. Everyboday gets a ringtone!! WHOO! (spoken like the "everyboday gets a humpback whale!!")

Also, breaking news. Ben Rector has a new EP. Get it.

And, recently I've been obsessed with Mumford & Sons. So if you don't know them, go listen. Awake my Soul is my favorite. Little Lion Man is too but it has a really abrupt cuss word in the middle of the chorus. So that limits the times I can listen to it, don't want to pollute the little puberty ears of my brothers. Good sister right?

In addition, I love kids. Babysitting Maranda yesterday (she's 2) and we were at Chick Fil A, she's sees this guy and goes "WOA THAT MAN IS A VERY BIG MAN!!" Real loud. Real embarrassing. Real real funny. To be fair...he was extremely large. Kids say the darndest things.

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